Fencing Guide: The Rules

There’s more to fences than creating a line between you and your neighbors for them not to cross so hastily, especially if you’re not in tune with your neighbor’s intentions. Property fencing may only seem like it, but there are specific regulations to take into account before you could go and put something that could cause your next-door company to hate you. The fencing rules of engagement for Kentucky are as follows.

First things first– know where to draw the line. Disputes on a property can start in something so common such as getting a fence, so always make sure that you are equipped with the right set of information before doing anything else. You will be surprised how a quick survey on the scope of the property will help you get things in order– where does the property begin and end? If you can determine this along with a couple of other essential details, you can start establishing ownership of the fence. Then comes the contract.

Know the Laws

The laws of property fencing in Kentucky allow owners with adjoining property to create an agreement contract concerning a division fence. This agreement shall consider both parties as being responsible for the maintenance costs, such as repair on their end. Such agreement shall be the basis of responsibility with regards to the dividing fence and must be followed for a harmonious neighboring relationship.

Now that you know what to keep tabs on first, what comes next is which kind of fence you should get. There are several different types of fencing options for your property– wood, aluminum, bamboo, wrought iron, PVC, and chain link. You could opt for anything but put in mind where you could benefit most while not entirely fixated on the thought of whether you’re spending too much on it.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fence

If you’re thinking of something that could give you added functional value apart from its general purpose of serving as a division, you could consider a chain-link fence. What it may lack in terms of elegance, chain link fence surely wins in practicality. Cost-wise, it’s best for your pocket. You don’t need to break the bank to get your chain link fence up. It’s very low maintenance: treating it with certain chemicals will sustain its lifespan for longer than expected, so you don’t have to think about having it changed in the next few years unless it has been considerably damaged. It also doesn’t take too much time to install, and it’s suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Safety is also guaranteed through a chain-link fence. If you have children or pets at home, going for this type of fence is also a wise idea, so you don’t have to worry about their safety much. Just make sure to go for a height of 6 feet or more, and 9-gauge thickness.

If you’re looking into ways to personalize or update the look of your chain link fence, you can do so by adding a vinyl covering to it. You can pick any color, but you can never go wrong with black.

When it comes to chain link fences, don’t hesitate to talk to us! We’ll get right to it so that you can have your fence up in no time.

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