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Marking Your Territory: A Quick Guide on Property Fencing

Wooden property fencing

Fencing Guide: The Rules There’s more to fences than creating a line between you and your neighbors for them not to cross so hastily, especially if you’re not in tune with your neighbor’s intentions. Property fencing may only seem like it, but there are specific regulations to take into account before you could go and […]

New Year, New Fence! – Best Fence Company in Lexington

Best Fencing company in Lexington, KY provides beautiful metal fencing to meet your needs.

Fence Company in Lexington, KY Everyone knows the New Year is a time of change. Resolutions to lose weight, be a better person, give to charity more often, etc. are all centered around one’s self. But what if you could apply those resolutions to your property as well? Well, the answer is simple; you can! […]

Winterizing Your Wooden Fence

Wooden Fencing

Ready for the Cold? Make Sure Your Wooden Fence is Winterized In Central KY, the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, so it’s always best to be ready. When it’s the start of winter, it’s a good idea to prepare the home to handle the weather, no matter what it might entail. Whether you have wood, […]